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Wine Yeast Lalvin 1116 (5 g | 0.176 oz)

$1.00 USD

Elevate Your Wine with Lalvin K1-V1116™ Yeast: A Floral Aroma Maestro

For the passionate winemaker, Lalvin K1-V1116™ from INRA Montpellier in France is a stellar choice. This Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae yeast excels in low-temperature fermentations, producing an abundance of floral esters like isoamyl acetate, hexyl acetate, and phenyl ethyl acetate. These contribute to fresh floral aromas, enhancing neutral or high-yield grapes. It's also highly resilient in challenging conditions and a go-to for ice wine fermentation.

Key Features:


Q: What sets Lalvin K1-V1116™ apart from other yeasts? A: Its ability to produce significant floral esters and operate in challenging fermentation environments makes it unique.

Q: Is Lalvin K1-V1116™ suitable for all wine types? A: Particularly effective for white wines and ice wines, it can also benefit a variety of wine types.

Q: How should the yeast be rehydrated? A: Rehydrate in 50ml of water at 35-37°C for 20 minutes before adding to the must.

Q: Can this yeast be used in a must? A: Direct rehydration in must is not recommended.

Q: What is the storage recommendation for Lalvin K1-V1116™? A: Store in dry conditions between 4 and 15°C for maintaining optimal viability.


Lalvin K1-V1116™ offers winemakers an exceptional tool for crafting wines with pronounced floral aromas and robust fermentation qualities. Its versatility and resilience make it a top choice for those seeking to enhance their winemaking craft.

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