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Spraymalt Light | Enhance Your Bitters with Rich Malt Flavour (500 g | 1.1 Lb)

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Bitters

Spraymalt Light is the secret ingredient to take your bitters to new heights. With its rich malt flavor and the ability to enhance the beer's natural body, Spraymalt Light creates a smoother and more rounded taste in your final brew.

Experience the transformation of your bitters with Spraymalt Light. This exceptional ingredient, crafted from the finest premium malts and expertly spray-dried into a soluble powder, is your key to brewing bitters that stand out.

Why Choose Spraymalt Light?

Spraymalt Light is your go-to solution for enhancing the taste, quality, and texture of your bitters. Its rich malt flavor elevates the complexity of your brew, resulting in a smoother and more rounded taste that's sure to impress.

For optimal results, blend Spraymalt Light with sugar in a 50/50 ratio. This combination unlocks a dramatic improvement in the quality of your beer, delivering a smoother and more satisfying taste.

Spraymalt Light also offers a fantastic alternative to using sugar in your brewing process. By substituting sugar with Spraymalt Light, you can transform a standard beer kit into a premium brew, unlocking a new level of complexity and flavor.

Even if you still prefer using sugar, incorporating Spraymalt Light can boost your beer's body strength by approximately 20%, resulting in a more substantial and satisfying mouthfeel.

Choose Spraymalt Light for its rich malt flavor, ability to enhance the natural body of your beer, and the power to transform your bitters into a truly exceptional brew.

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Q: How much Spraymalt Light should I use in my bitters recipe?
A: The recommended usage of Spraymalt Light is typically 50% of your recipe's total fermentable sugar content. Adjustments can be made based on desired flavor and body characteristics.

Q: Can I use Spraymalt Light as a standalone ingredient without sugar?
A: Yes, Spraymalt Light can be used as a standalone ingredient to enhance your beer's malt flavor and body. However, for optimal results and to maximize flavor enhancement, it is recommended to blend with sugar.

Q: Is Spraymalt Light suitable for all types of bitters?
A: Spraymalt Light is specifically designed to enhance the flavor and body of bitters. Its rich malt taste and ability to improve the natural body of the beer make it an ideal addition to any bitters recipe.

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