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ABC Cork Co

Chardonnay Sailing Boat Wine Labels (3.78 in x 3.78 in | 9.6 cm x 9.6 cm)

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Elevate Your Wine Bottling with Premium Personalized Labels

Personalize Your Bottles with Elegant Wine Labels: Perfect for Home Winemakers

Add a professional and personalized flair to your wine collection with our exquisite wine labels. Each label measures 3.78 inches by 3.78 inches (9.6 cm x 9.6 cm), perfectly sized for various wine bottles. Crafted in Canada with ultra-removable adhesive, these labels guarantee a secure fit while being effortless to remove if required. The luxurious high gloss finish, complemented by a UV varnish, protects the label and enhances your bottle's aesthetic appeal. The perforation feature makes application a breeze, ensuring a neat presentation every time.

Whether you're a seasoned home winemaker or a beginner in the craft, these labels will elevate the look of your homemade wines, making them perfect for personal enjoyment, gifts, or commercial presentation.

Key Features:


Q: How do these labels adhere to different types of bottles? A: The ultra-removable adhesive ensures a firm grip on various surfaces while allowing easy removal.

Q: Are these labels water-resistant? A: The high gloss finish and UV varnish offer water resistance, making them durable.

Q: Can these labels be personalized with a printer? A: Absolutely! They are printer-friendly for personalized designs and text.

Q: What is the quantity per roll? A: Each roll contains numerous labels to meet all your bottling needs.

Q: Is the size of these labels standard for all wine bottles? A: The dimensions universally fit most wine bottle sizes.

Q: How easy is it to apply these labels? A: The perforated design makes them very easy to separate and apply smoothly.

Discover the ease and elegance of professional bottling with our premium wine labels. Ideal for home winemakers and craft enthusiasts, these labels provide the perfect finishing touch to your exquisite creations. Enhance the presentation of your wines today with our top-quality, easy-to-use labels.

Unit Quantity

  • 30 PACK
  • 500 ROLL
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