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Enotecnica Pillan

Heavy Duty Filtering Machine Part Mechanical Seal Washer Set for Pump

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Durable Italian Pump Seal Washers

The Mechanical Seal Washer Set for Pump is an essential investment for anyone relying on heavy-duty filtering machines. These Italian-made washers guarantee the efficiency and longevity of your equipment, making them a wise choice for maintaining your filtering processes at the highest level.

Key Features:


Q: Are these washers compatible with all heavy-duty filtering machines? A: They are specifically designed for pumps in heavy-duty filtering machines, but compatibility should be confirmed based on the machine model.

Q: How often should the washers be replaced? A: The frequency of replacement depends on usage intensity. Regular inspection is recommended to determine when replacements are needed.

Q: Can I install these washers myself? A: While it is possible for experienced individuals, consulting with a professional or the machine's manual is advisable for proper installation.

Q: What makes these washers stand out? A: Their Italian manufacturing ensures high-quality materials and precision engineering, resulting in superior performance and durability.

Unit Quantity

  • 1 EACH
  • 2 CASE
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