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ABC Cork Co

4 Years + | 1000 Bellcork #9 Extra Long (49 mm x 24 mm | 1 1.31 in x 1.31 in)

$88.00 USD

Bellcork #9 Extra Long: The Ultimate Seal for Every Winemaker's Dream

Sealing Perfection, One Bottle at a Time

Dive into the meticulous winemaking world with Bellcork Colmated Stopper, your trusted partner in preserving your wine's legacy. Carefully designed for wineries, crafting enthusiasts, and discerning winemakers, this cork guarantees a premium seal for over four years. Crafted from natural cork, its pores are filled with a specialized powder, ensuring your wine remains untouched and pure. With every bottle, you promise quality, freshness, and the tradition of winemaking sealed to perfection.

Key Features:


Q: How does the Bellcork Colmated Stopper ensure a reliable seal? A: Through its natural cork composition with pores filled with a unique powder, stabilized using natural resin and rubber glue.

Q: What's the duration of the seal with this cork? A: Designed for wines intended for consumption within four years, ensuring they remain fresh.

Q: Can craft enthusiasts also use this cork? A: Its superior quality is ideal for winemaking and crafting projects.

Q: What are the exact dimensions of the cork? A: The cork has a length of 49 mm and a diameter of 24 mm.

Q: Are there any chemicals involved in the cork's production? A: The cork's pores are filled with a distinct powder and fixed with natural resin and rubber glue, eliminating harmful chemicals.

Q: Where is this cork manufactured? A: With pride and precision, in Portugal.

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