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ABC Cork Co

Transferring Siphon Tubing Roll 30.5 m | 100 ft (5/8 x 7/8 | 1.6 x 2.21 cm)

$63.00 USD

Efficient Brewing and Winemaking Transferring Siphon Tubing. A Reliable and Flexible Solution for Your Brewing Needs  

Elevate the efficiency of your brewing and winemaking with the Transferring Siphon Tubing Roll. This 30.5-meter (100-foot) tubing, made in Canada, is a staple for any brewing enthusiast. Crafted from clear, vinyl food-grade material, this hose is FDA-approved and assures the highest safety and quality standards. It has dimensions of 5/8 x 7/8 inches (1.6 x 2.21 cm) and is perfectly sized to fit regular auto-siphon bottle fillers and racking canes. The tubing’s heat-responsive design allows it to be softened and molded when heated in hot water, providing a permanent stretch for more effortless future use. This feature is particularly beneficial for customized racking requirements. The tubing also has high-grade protection properties, ensuring no flavor is absorbed during the transfer process. It remains exceptionally flexible even in cold conditions, making it ideal for various applications, including auto-siphons, bottle fillers, and racking tubes.

Key Features:



Q: What is the size of the Transferring Siphon Tubing? A: It measures 5/8 x 7/8 inches (1.6 x 2.21 cm) in diameter and is 30.5 meters (100 feet) long.

Q: Can this tubing be used with various brewing equipment? A: It's compatible with regular auto-siphon bottle fillers and racking canes.

Q: How does heating affect the tubing? A: Heating makes it soft and moldable for specific racking purposes and gives it a permanent stretch for easier future use.

Q: Will the tubing impact the taste of the liquid? A: No, it's designed to prevent flavor pickup, ensuring the integrity of your beverages.

Q: Where is this siphon tubing manufactured? A: This product is proudly made in Canada and is known for its high standards.

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