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Taste of Portugal

Piri Piri Hot Sauce 12 per Case (133 ml | 4.5 oz)

SAVE % $10.00 USD

Unleash the Bold Flavors of Portugal with Spicy Piri Piri Hot Sauce – 12-Pack – A Fiery Culinary Experience Awaits!

Discover the explosive taste of Spicy Portuguese Piri Piri Hot Sauce, presented in a generous 12-pack, each containing 133ml or 5.2 oz of this fiery culinary masterpiece. Crafted with the distinctive African Bird's Eye Chili and sun-kissed lemons, aromatic garlic, handpicked spices, and onion, this sauce is a symphony of bold flavors defining Portugal's gastronomic legacy.

From grilling and marinades to saucing and dipping, this versatile hot sauce adds a zest that's authentically Portuguese. Bring excitement to every meal and savor a rich, tantalizing experience that awakens your palate.

Features and Benefits:


  1. Q: How spicy is this Piri Piri Hot Sauce? A: The sauce offers a robust spicy kick, suitable for those who enjoy intense heat, yet balanced with flavorful ingredients.

  2. Q: Can this sauce be used as a marinade? A: Absolutely! Its vibrant flavours make it an excellent choice for marinades or a dipping sauce.

  3. Q: Is this product gluten-free? A: Please refer to the specific product labeling or contact the manufacturer to determine if it meets gluten-free standards.

  4. Q: What dishes pair best with this sauce? A: It complements grilled meats, poultry, seafood, or any dish you want to infuse with the bold taste of Portugal.

Indulge in a taste adventure with Spicy Portuguese Piri Piri Hot Sauce. With 12 bottles of this delightful condiment, your culinary creations will come alive with Portugal's authentic, fiery flavor. Ignite your senses today!

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