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ABC Crafted Series

Skill Level 1 Equipment Only Entry Level Craft Making Starter Kit

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Begin Your Winemaking Journey with the Skill Level 1 Craft Making Starter Kit

Unlock Your Winemaking Potential - Where Simplicity Meets Excellence! 

Embark on your winemaking adventure with ease using the Skill Level 1 Equipment Only Entry Level Craft Making Starter Kit. This comprehensive kit is thoughtfully designed for beginners, encompassing all the essentials to craft your first 23 L (6 USG) batch of wine. It features a primary fermenter with a lid, creating the perfect environment for wine development. The kit also provides airlocks, a wine bag cap opener, and rubber stoppers, all indispensable for winemaking.

Key Features:


Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely! It's designed for those new to winemaking, providing all the necessary equipment.

Q: What does the kit include for testing wine? A: It includes a hydrometer test jar, a triple-scale hydrometer, and a digital thermometer.

Q: Can I store my wine easily with this kit? A: The kit has a wine dispenser box and five 5L bag-in-a-box containers for convenient storage.

Q: Are cleaning supplies included in the kit? A: It has a medium brush and B-Brite cleaning powder for easy maintenance.

Q: Is this product made in Canada? A: Yes, this winemaking starter kit is proudly a product of Canada, ensuring quality and reliability.

This starter kit serves as your gateway to mastering the art of winemaking, offering a perfect blend of simplicity and excellence for the aspiring winemaker.

Unit Quantity

  • 1 EACH
  • 3 CASE
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