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ABC Crafted Series

Craft Distilling Turbo Yeast Extreme Alcohol Kit (405 g | 14.29 oz)

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Elevate Your Homebrew Game with Turbo Yeast Extreme Alcohol Kit

Unlock Professional-Quality Fermentation in Just One Week

Introducing the Turbo Yeast Extreme Alcohol Kit, a must-have for severe homebrewers and DIY spirit enthusiasts. This specially formulated kit brings a new level of quality and refinement to your home-made spirits, liqueurs, and alcohol bases. Achieve up to a whopping 23% ABV and enjoy an expedited 6- to 7-day fermentation period. Containing 405g of yeast, carbon, and clearing agents, it comes complete with detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

Key Features


Q: What is the fermentation period for this kit?
A: The Turbo Yeast Extreme Alcohol Kit completes fermentation in 6-7 days at a temperature range of 68-75°F (20-24°C).

Q: What's the highest ABV I can achieve?
A: You can reach an alcohol by volume (ABV) of up to 23% using this kit.

Q: How much yield can I expect from one kit?
A: One kit can produce up to 25 litres, or approximately 6 gallons, of alcohol base.

Q: What’s included in this kit?
A: The kit provides 405g of specialized yeast, carbon, and clearing agents, along with detailed instructions for use.

Q: Do I need any additional supplies?
A: Additional equipment and supplies, such as water and sugar, are sold separately.

Q: Is this kit region-specific?
A: The kit is inspired by regional crafting traditions but doesn’t claim to originate from any particular area.

Note: Products are packed in aseptic clean rooms. Additional equipment and supplies are sold separately.

Upgrade your homebrewing endeavors with the Turbo Yeast Extreme Alcohol Kit. Perfect for crafting top-notch spirits and liqueurs, this kit brings professional quality to your kitchen.

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