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ABC Crafted Series

Grenache | 13.5% Heavy-Bodied Red Winemaking Kit (16 L | 4.22 gal)

$79.95 CAD

Elevate Your Winemaking with Our Grenache Heavy-Bodied Red Winemaking Kit

A Symphony of Flavors Awaits

Step into elite craft winemaking with our Grenache Heavy-Bodied Red Winemaking Kit. This kit is a gateway to creating a wine that resonates with the rich history and robust flavors of the Grenache grape. Perfect for those who cherish the depth and complexity of a heavy-bodied red, this kit offers an unparalleled winemaking experience, blending tradition with the ease of modern techniques.

Key Features:

Tasting Notes:

FAQs: Q: What does the Grenache Winemaking Kit include? A: It contains a wine base, yeast, bentonite, sulfite/sorbate, and fining agents.

Q: How long does the winemaking process take? A: The process takes about 6 weeks, allowing for the development of a rich flavor.

Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners? A: It's designed for winemakers of all skill levels, with easy-to-follow instructions.

Q: What is the final alcohol content of the wine? A: The wine will have an alcohol content of approximately 13.5% ABV.

Q: Can I age the wine for a more complex flavor? A: Certainly, aging can enhance the flavors and overall profile of the wine.

Q: Do I need additional equipment? A: Basic winemaking equipment is required and sold separately.

Create a masterpiece with our Grenache Heavy-Bodied Red Winemaking Kit. Whether you're a seasoned winemaker or just starting, this kit promises a rewarding and enjoyable winemaking experience. Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately.

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