Cork | Tapered Cork 38x43x36 - 3/8 Bored Hole (PK10) — ABC CORK WHOLESALE

Cork | Tapered Cork 38x43x36 - 3/8 Bored Hole (PK10)

SKU: ABC-SP-01604-PK10

Barcode: 776982016048

Weight: 0.18 lb

  • Selling Unit: 10 per Pack
  • These cork stoppers have a tapered shape to fit various sizes and provide a secure seal.
  • Product of Portugal

The natural cork construction can be cut to an exact length and its natural elasticity helps it form a tight seal. Commonly used as a bottle stopper. The tapered shape allows 1 size stopper to fit variously sized openings.

We recommend measuring the inside diameter of the opening of the hole you wish to fill. Then select the cork with the BOTTOM diameter smaller than the inside diameter of your item, but will allow for approximately half the cork to be inserted.

Potential uses: Laboratory use: test tubes, glassware, Food packing and processing, Bottle sealing, Tattoo supply, DIY: arts and crafts, Painting and other household need: hole filler in walls and ceilings, Replacement stopper for a non-cork stopper

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