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ABC Cork Co

4 Years + | 100 Bellcork #10 Long (45 mm x 26 mm | 1 3/4 in x 1 in)

$9.95 CAD

Bellcork Colmated Stopper: Redefining Wine Preservation

For the discerning winemakers, crafting aficionados, and wineries, comes a cork stopper that elegantly intertwines tradition with innovation. Introducing the Bellcork #10 Long Colmated Stopper, meticulously crafted to preserve your wine's essence for up to 4 years. Made in Portugal, this stopper fuses natural elements with precision engineering, making it the go-to choice for wines rich in complexity. Celebrate every pour, knowing that the integrity of your wine is impeccably maintained. 

Key Features:


Q: How does the Bellcork #10 stand out from other natural cork stoppers? A: The Bellcork #10 boasts a colmated design, wherein natural cork pores are filled with powder, fortified using resin and glue, ensuring superior sealing capabilities.

Q: Is this stopper suitable for wines meant for longer than four years of consumption? A: While the Bellcork #10 is optimized for preserving wine for up to 4 years, it's ideal for wines designed for earlier consumption to retain their inherent complexities.

Q: How does the colmated design influence the wine's taste? A: The colmated process ensures a tight seal and upholds the wine's organoleptic properties, letting its true flavours shine.

Q: What type of wines work best with this stopper? A: The Bellcork #10 is specially crafted for wines rich in depth and complexity, aiming for optimal taste retention over their consumption period.

Q: Are there any synthetic materials in the Bellcork #10? A: The Bellcork Colmated Stopper is a natural cork solution, enhanced with powder and fixed using natural resin and rubber glue.

Q: Does the product uphold Portuguese cork-making traditions? A: Absolutely. Made in Portugal, the Bellcork #10 pays homage to the nation's rich winemaking and cork production legacy.

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