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ABC Cork Co

7 Years + | 1000 Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)

$245.95 CAD

Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short | Precision Seal for Wines Aged 7+ Years

Elevate Your Vintages with Portugal's Finest Natural Cork

Specially crafted to support the nuanced process of wine aging, the Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short is the seal of choice for wines destined for consumption after seven years. These premium natural cork stoppers, sourced from Portugal's renowned cork forests, are engineered from a single strip of cork to ensure a flawless seal. Ideal for complex premium and iconic wines but versatile enough for all types, these corks are lauded by leading winemakers and sophisticated wine enthusiasts for their contribution to the wine's ideal maturation.

Key Features:


Q: What makes the Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short ideal for long-term aging? A: Its precise dimensions and single-strip design provide a consistent, high-quality seal that is crucial for maintaining the wine's integrity over extended periods.

Q: Can these corks be utilized for everyday wines as well as premium varieties? A: Absolutely, while they are optimized for premium wines aged for seven years or more, their quality benefits all types of wines.

Q: How does the single-strip cork benefit wine preservation? A: This design minimizes the potential for flaws and inconsistencies, ensuring a reliable seal that preserves the wine's character.

Q: In what way does modern technology influence the production of these corks? A: Advanced production techniques ensure that the natural qualities of the cork are maximized for optimal sealing performance.

Q: Why are Portuguese corks highly regarded by wine experts? A: Portugal's long-standing tradition and innovation in cork production yield stoppers that are synonymous with quality and sustainable practices.

Q: Are the Winery 2nd BWC Corks environmentally friendly? A: Yes, these corks are produced from renewable resources and are biodegradable, underscoring a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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