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ABC Cork Co

Gothenburg Red Ceramic Planter 6 per Pack ( 5.75 in | 14.61 cm)

$46.95 CAD

Bold Elegance Meets Function: Gothenburg Red Ceramic Planter Set

The Gothenburg Red Ceramic Planter collection brings a dash of color and sophistication to your planting space. Embodying the charm of Portuguese design, these planters stand out with a bright red hue, enhancing the green of your plants. The set of six ensures that whether you're dotting them around your home or creating a cohesive arrangement, each planter will seamlessly fit into your decor while offering the practical benefits of a well-made ceramic vessel.

Key Features:

  • Robust Material: Molded from high-grade high-fired clay for durability and resilience.
  • Exclusive Coating: Each planter boasts a unique, vibrant red powder coating from the acclaimed Gothenburg Collection.
  • Optimally Sized: Perfectly crafted to house a standard 6-inch pot, offering versatility for various plant types.
  • All-Weather Use: Waterproof quality allows for placement both indoors and outdoors with confidence.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Machine-made for flawlessness and consistency within each pack.


Q: What are the exact dimensions of the Gothenburg Red Ceramic Planter? A: The planters are 5.75 inches in both height and width, designed for compact and convenient placement.

Q: How much does each individual planter weigh? A: Each planter is lightweight, at 1.5 lb, making it simple to handle and arrange.

Q: Are these planters suitable for outdoor environments? A: Absolutely, their waterproof construction means they can adorn any space, from patios to windowsills.

Q: What is the maintenance routine for these ceramic planters? A: They are very low-maintenance; a quick wipe with a damp cloth will keep them looking pristine.

Q: What assures the consistency in quality of these planters? A: Precision machine manufacturing ensures each planter in the pack matches in quality and design.

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