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ABC Crafted Series

Gewurztraminer | 11.5% Medium-Bodied White Winemaking Kit (5.2 L | 1.37 gal)

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Craft the Aromatic Splendor: Gewurztraminer Winemaking Kit

Elevate Your Winemaking Craft with Exotic Flavors 

Discover the allure of Gewurztraminer with our Medium-Bodied White Winemaking Kit. This kit provides the essentials to craft a wine with an 11.5% potential alcohol by volume, yielding 23 liters of wine. In just four weeks, you can create a wine that echoes the semi-dry, aromatic profile of renowned Gewurztraminer wines, known for their exotic spice and lush fruitiness. While traditionally associated with regions like Alsace and Germany, this kit allows you to bring the essence of Gewurztraminer into your craft winemaking space.

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Q: What style of wine will I create with this kit? A: A medium-bodied white wine, reminiscent of classic Gewurztraminer.

Q: How much wine does this kit produce? A: It makes 23 liters, equivalent to around 30 bottles of wine.

Q: Is this kit suitable for those new to winemaking? A: Yes, it's user-friendly, with clear instructions for a hassle-free winemaking experience.

Q: What flavor notes should I expect? A: Look forward to a bouquet of exotic spices and lush fruits, typical of Gewurztraminer wines.

Q: Can this wine be served with food? A: Certainly, its semi-dry nature pairs wonderfully with spicy and savory dishes.

Q: Where is Gewurztraminer traditionally from? A: While not from this kit, Gewurztraminer has strong roots in Alsace and Germany, with notable varieties from Austria and parts of the US.

Indulge in creating a wine that's as enchanting to the senses as it is to the palate with our Gewurztraminer Medium-Bodied White Winemaking Kit. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or savoring a quiet evening, this wine is sure to add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Embrace the winemaker's journey and craft a wine that tells a story with every glass.

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