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ABC Crafted Series

3 Years + | 1000 Crafted Series Eco-Friendly Micro Agglomerated #8 Short (38 mm x 22 mm | 1.5 in x 0.87 in)

$95.00 USD

Portugal's Premier Micro-Agglomerated Cork Stoppers for the Finest Vintages 

Our Crafted Series Eco-Friendly Micro Agglomerated Cork Stoppers are meticulously designed in Portugal to ensure the essence of your vintages remains untouched and preserved. Engineered for long-term storage and infused with the essence of eco-consciousness, this is your go-to choice for retaining your beloved brews' authentic flavours and aromas—experience bottling with a cork stopper that champions natural integrity.

Key Features:


Q: Can this cork stopper be used for wines intended for long durations? A: Absolutely. These are crafted for long-term storage, optimally for three years or more.

Q: How does this cork ensure wine purity? A: Made with premium cork, plant-based glue, and chemical-free disinfection, it retains the wine's natural qualities.

Q: What's the precise density of these corks? A: These corks boast a density range of 240-320 KG/M2.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity? A: Yes, these cork stoppers are available in units of 1000.

Q: What's the cork's exact origin? A: Proudly designed and manufactured in Portugal.

Q: How does this cork compare in terms of residues? A: It stands out with low solid and peroxide residues, ensuring minimal interference with your wine.

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