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ABC Crafted Series

Swing Top Amber Beer Bottle with Closures 12 Per Case (500 ml | 16.91 oz)

$15.00 USD

Craft Brew Excellence: Swing Top Amber Beer Bottles for Home Brewing

Classic Charm, Modern Brew: Resealable Swing Top Amber Beer Bottles

Our Swing Top Amber Beer Bottles offer a blend of tradition and durability, ideal for the home brewer who values both aesthetics and function. These 500 ml bottles, complete with resealable swing-top closures, ensure your beer remains as fresh as the day it was bottled. The robust amber glass not only protects your brew from UV rays but also lends a classic look to your creation. Designed for strength and repeated use, these bottles feature a heavy-duty wire mechanism and FDA-approved cap and seal, making them a reliable choice for your brewing needs.

Key Features:

FAQ’s: Q: What are the benefits of using swing-top bottles for beer? A: Swing-top bottles offer an airtight seal that is easily resealable, perfect for maintaining the beer's carbonation and freshness.

Q: Can these bottles be used multiple times? A: Yes, they are designed for reuse and the rubber seals can be replaced to ensure a perfect seal every time.

Q: Are the materials used for the closures safe for food and beverage storage? A: Absolutely, the cap and seal are made from FDA-approved materials, ensuring safety and quality.

Q: Is it possible to apply custom labels to these bottles? A: The bottles have smooth sides that are ideal for custom silk screening or applying adhesive labels for personalization or branding.

Q: How should I clean these bottles before use? A: It's recommended to clean them with a bottle brush and a brewing-specific sanitizing solution to ensure they are ready for your next batch of homebrew.

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