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ABC Cork Co

80-Bottle Wine Rack Plastic Coated Steel Design Easy Assembly Stylish Wine Storage Solution Made in Portugal

$29.00 USD

Elevate Your Collection: 80-Bottle Wine Rack with Plastic Coated Steel

Luxurious Organization: Stylish and Spacious 80-Bottle Wine Rack Made in Portugal

Our 80-bottle Wine Rack is a testament to premium design and functionality. Made in Portugal, this rack's plastic-coated steel frame offers a durable and stylish home for your wines. Suitable for enthusiasts with a sizable collection, this easy-to-assemble rack merges Portuguese quality with the elegance of modern design, providing a space-efficient solution that complements any room or commercial space.

Key Features:

FAQ’s: Q: How do I care for and maintain the wine rack? A: Wipe it down with a soft cloth as needed, and keep it in a stable environment to maintain its integrity.

Q: Are tools required for the wine rack assembly? A: Basic tools may be needed, but the assembly is designed to be as easy and straightforward as possible with the provided pieces.

Q: Can the wine rack be secured to a wall for added stability? A: Yes, although not required, it can be anchored to a wall for extra security, especially in areas with high traffic or seismic activity.

Opt for our 80-bottle Wine Rack for an optimal blend of capacity, durability, and refined design. This rack is not only a functional storage solution but also an elegant addition to any space, proudly reflecting the esteemed craftsmanship of Portugal.

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