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ABC Crafted Series

Bentonite (7 g | 0.25 oz)

$1.00 USD

Precision Clarification: 7g Bentonite for Winemaking

Optimal Clarity on a Small Scale: Bentonite for Craft and Home Winemaking

Our 7g packet of Bentonite is perfect for craft winemakers and hobbyists, providing a specialized quantity for clarifying small batches of wine. This European-derived clarifier is adept at ensuring your wine remains crystal clear, warding off the cloudiness resulting from protein denaturation. Bentonite's absorbent properties make it an essential addition at the onset of your winemaking, binding to the particles that compromise wine clarity.

Key Features:

  • Small Batch Suitable: Ideal for individual or experimental wine batches.
  • Effective Clarification: Targets proteins that can cause haze in wine.
  • Volcanic Origin: Sourced from volcanic ash for a natural and potent effect.
  • European Quality: Produced in Europe, where winemaking is steeped in tradition. 


Q: How much wine can I clarify with 7g of Bentonite? A: The amount varies, but 7g is typically sufficient for a small carboy or gallon jug of wine.

Q: Does Bentonite need to be prepared before adding it to wine? A: It's usually mixed with water to form a slurry before being incorporated into the must.

Q: Can I use Bentonite for both red and white wines? A: Absolutely, it's effective for all wine types.

Incorporate our Bentonite into your winemaking to enjoy professionally clear wine, even on the smallest scale. This fine-grade product represents the pinnacle of quality and effectiveness for wine enthusiasts.


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