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ABC Crafted Series

Bentonite (250 g | 8.8 oz)

$2.00 USD

Bentonite The Secret to Crystal-Clear Wines

Achieve Brilliance in Every Bottle: Bentonite for Home Winemakers

Our 250 g Bentonite is a must-have for the home winemaker, offering an effective solution for clarifying must and ensuring the stability of your wine. Harvested from top-quality European volcanic ash deposits, this natural clay-like substance is highly absorbent, adept at removing proteins that can cloud your wine, especially under temperature changes. Bentonite is best added early in the winemaking process, preventing haze and preserving the visual appeal and purity of your wine.

Key Features:


Q: How should I incorporate Bentonite into my winemaking? A: Create a slurry by mixing it with water, then add it to your must during the initial stages of fermentation.

Q: Can Bentonite affect the flavor of my wine? A: No, when used in recommended amounts, it's inert and won't alter your wine's taste.

Q: Is it easy to separate Bentonite from the wine post-clarification? A: Absolutely. It settles at the bottom and can be easily racked off, leaving your wine clear and stable.

Elevate your winemaking with our Bentonite, your partner in achieving professional-level clarity and stability. This simple yet crucial addition will ensure that each bottle you craft not only tastes exquisite but also displays the crystal-clear brilliance that signifies quality and care.

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