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ABC Cork Co

American Oak Cubes Medium Toast (22.7 kg | 50 Lb)

$467.00 USD

American Oak Cubes Medium Toast. Refine Your Craft with American Oak Cubes Medium Toast

Uncover the secrets of master vintners and spirit makers with the American Oak Cubes Medium Toast. Available in a substantial 22.7 kg (50 lb) pack, these oak cubes are a prized asset for enhancing the complexity and body of your wines and spirits. Ideal for the "Craft spirits distillation process at home" or "Creating unique cocktails with homemade spirits," these medium-toasted oak cubes are a game-changer in home crafting.

Key Features:


Q: How do I incorporate these oak cubes into my wine or spirits? A: Soak the cubes in hot water for 10 minutes before adding them to your primary fermenter or barrel.

Q: What dosage is recommended for these oak cubes? A: Use 1 to 2 ounces per 5 to 6 gallons of wine or spirits, adjusting based on your desired flavor intensity.

Q: Can these oak cubes be reused? A: For best results and flavor integrity, we recommend using them once, as repeated use may diminish their impact.

Q: Are these oak cubes suitable for all types of spirits? A: Yes, they are versatile and can be used to enhance the flavor of various spirits, including whiskey, rum, and more.

Q: Where are these oak cubes sourced from? A: Proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and reliability in each batch.

Elevate your home crafting to professional levels with American Oak Cubes Medium Toast. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or just beginning, these oak cubes will impart a rich, complex flavor to your creations, ensuring each sip is a testament to your skill and passion.

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