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ABC Cork Co

American Large Oak Chip Medium Toast (22.7 kg | 50 Lb)

$220.00 USD

American Oak Large Chip Medium Toast. Elevate Your Winemaking with Premium Medium-Toasted American Large Oak Chips 

Discover the secret to exquisite winemaking with ABC CRAFTED SERIES American Oak Chip Medium Toast. This bulk package, weighing a substantial 22.7 kg (50 lb), offers a wealth of medium-toasted oak chips, sourced from high-quality American oak. Known for their perfect balance between high density, low porosity, and optimal permeability, these oak chips are a winemaker's dream for adding depth and nuance to wines.

Key Features:


Q: What makes these American oak chips ideal for winemaking? A: Their medium toast level perfectly balances the wine's natural flavors with added complexity.

Q: How do these chips impact the tannin profile of the wine? A: They are designed to maintain the wine’s original tannin structure while enhancing its flavor.

Q: What is the recommended dosage for these oak chips? A: Typically, 4 grams per liter, adjustable based on the specific requirements of your wine.

Q: Are these chips suitable for quick wine treatments? A: Absolutely, they are excellent for short-duration treatments to impart rapid flavor enhancement.

Q: How should I apply these oak chips for the best results? A: Distribute them evenly at various depths and agitate weekly for uniform flavor infusion.

Enhance your winemaking process with ABC CRAFTED SERIES American Oak Chip Medium Toast. These premium oak chips promise to transform your wine, infusing each batch with a depth and complexity that only the finest oak can provide. Make your mark in the winemaking world with these exceptional oak chips, and watch your wines evolve into extraordinary creations.

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