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Wine Yeast Lalvin 1118 (5 g | 0.176 oz)

$1.00 USD

Elevate Your Winemaking with Lalvin EC-1118™: The Sparkling Wine Specialist

Unleash Exceptional Quality in Every Bottle with Lalvin EC-1118™ Yeast

Lalvin EC-1118™, chosen from a renowned sparkling wine region, is the ultimate yeast for producing exquisite sparkling base wines and conducting secondary fermentation in the bottle. Its robust nature and resistance to osmotic pressure make it a preferred choice for winemakers worldwide. Ideal for crafting both white and red wines, Lalvin EC-1118™ stands out for its reliable fermentation kinetics and minimal sensory impact, ensuring the true character of your wine shines through.

Key Features:


Q: What makes Lalvin EC-1118™ suitable for sparkling wines? A: Its resistance to osmotic pressure and strong fermentation characteristics make it ideal for sparkling wines.

Q: Can Lalvin EC-1118™ be used for both white and red wines? A: Absolutely. It’s versatile and enhances the natural qualities of both white and red wines.

Q: How do I rehydrate Lalvin EC-1118™ yeast? A: Rehydrate in 50ml of water at 35-37°C for 20 minutes, then gradually acclimatize with the must.

Q: What is the recommended dosage for Lalvin EC-1118™? A: Use one 5g sachet for 4.5 – 23L of wine.

Q: How should I store Lalvin EC-1118™ yeast? A: Store in dry conditions between 4 and 15°C. Short periods at room temperature during transit are acceptable.

Lalvin EC-1118™ is not just a yeast; it's a vital tool in the winemaker's arsenal, bringing professionalism and precision to every batch. Whether crafting sparkling, white, or red wines, Lalvin EC-1118™ ensures a top-quality fermentation process, producing wines that truly stand out.

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