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ABC Cork Co

Clear Bellissima Bottle 12 per Case (375 ml | 12.6 oz)

$14.00 USD

Showcase Your Craft: Clear Bellissima Bottles for Artisanal Wines

Pure Elegance in Every Detail: Transparent Bellissima Bottles for Winemaking

Highlight the natural allure of your homemade wines with our Clear Bellissima Bottles. These bottles, with their crystalline clarity, are designed to exhibit the true color and character of your wine. The elegant Bellissima shape, featuring a slender body and elongated neck, sets your product apart from the standard Pinot Noir and Merlot bottles, offering a refined option for winemakers who value both tradition and distinction.

Key Features:

FAQ’s: Q: What is the advantage of using clear bottles for wine? A: Clear bottles display the wine's color and clarity, which can be a key selling point for visual appeal.

Q: How do I choose the right cork for these Bellissima bottles? A: Select standard wine corks that fit the bottle's opening to ensure a secure seal.

Q: Can the Bellissima bottles be used for wines that require aging? A: While they can be used for aging, it's essential to store them in a dark place to protect the wine from light.

Q: Are these bottles suitable for carbonated wines? A: They are primarily intended for still wines, but they may be used for lightly carbonated wines with the appropriate corks.

Q: Is there enough space for legal information on the label panel? A: Yes, the ample label panel allows for both branding and necessary legal information.

Q: How should I store the bottles before use? A: Store the bottles in a clean, dry place to keep them ready for bottling.

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