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ABC Cork Co

Green Bordeaux Bottle 24 per Case (375 ml | 12.6 oz)

$26.00 USD

Refined Winemaking: Green Bordeaux Bottles for Craft and Quality

Classic Aesthetic, Artisanal Quality: Green Bordeaux Wine Bottles for the Connoisseur

Present your crafted wines in our Green Bordeaux Wine Bottles, embodying the timeless style adored by wine enthusiasts. With a 375 ml capacity, these bottles are perfect for personal servings or tastings. The traditional Bordeaux shape with its straight walls and high, rounded shoulders offers a distinguished profile for your wines. The green glass not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves to protect the wine from light, while the cork finish ensures a classic seal. Available in cases of 24, these bottles are a staple for showcasing and aging your winemaking creations.

Key Features:

We recommend that you use a # 7 cork for this bottle.

FAQ’s: Q: What distinguishes Bordeaux bottles from other wine bottle styles? A: Their iconic shape is designed to accommodate wines with sediment, allowing for clear pouring.

Q: Can I use these bottles for beverages other than wine? A: Absolutely, their universal design makes them suitable for a variety of liquids, including vinegars and oils.

Q: How should I store these bottles once filled? A: Store them in a cool, dark place, ideally on their side if corked, to keep the cork moist and prevent it from drying out.

Q: Are the green glass bottles eco-friendly? A: Glass is a sustainable material, and these bottles can be reused or recycled.

Q: What is the significance of the bottle color for winemaking? A: The green color can help reduce light penetration, which is beneficial for preserving the taste and quality of wine over time.

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