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ABC Cork Co

P.E.T. Clear Bottle Case of 1000 ( 50 ml | 1.69 oz)

$249.00 USD

Sleek Storage: Clear P.E.T. Containers for Precise Portion Control

Crystal Clarity: Versatile 50 ml P.E.T. Clear Bottles for Food and More

Elevate your packaging game with our 50 ml P.E.T. Clear Containers, the ultimate choice for businesses and hobbyists seeking top-notch, food-safe storage solutions. These transparent bottles, made from robust P.E.T. material, offer a pristine view of their contents, showcasing your product attractively and professionally. Perfect for a variety of uses, from culinary samples to cosmetic products, these containers are not only visually appealing but also practical and versatile.

Please note: that lids are sold separately, providing you the flexibility to select the ideal closure for your specific needs.

Key Features:


Q: What advantages does clear P.E.T. offer for containers? A: Clear P.E.T. enhances product visibility, crucial for branding and assuring customers of quality.

Q: Can these P.E.T. bottles be recycled? A: Absolutely, P.E.T. is recyclable, aligning these bottles with eco-friendly packaging options.

Q: Are clear P.E.T. containers safe for storing acidic contents? A: Yes, P.E.T. is acid-resistant, making it safe for acidic foods and beverages.

Q: Without a lid, how can I ensure the contents stay fresh? A: Opt for a compatible lid that provides an airtight seal to preserve content freshness and integrity.

Q: How should I fill and label these P.E.T. bottles? A: They are suitable for standard bottling processes and can be labeled with adhesive labels designed for clear plastic surfaces.

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