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ABC Crafted Series

P.E.T. Bottle Case of 180 (500 ml | 16 oz)

SAVE % $68.00 USD

Durable and Dependable: 500 ml P.E.T. Bottles for Food and Beverage Storage

Practical Packaging: Opaque P.E.T. Bottles for Versatile Use 

Explore the versatility and reliability of our 500 ml P.E.T. Bottles, a perfect solution for storing various food and beverages. Made from robust PET material and approved for direct food contact, these opaque bottles offer an excellent combination of durability, safety, and privacy. They are ideal for various products, including juices, sodas, sauces, and condiments. The opaque design ensures content privacy and protects from light, preserving the quality of light-sensitive liquids. Customize these bottles with branding and labels to enhance your product's appeal. 

Please note caps are sold separately, allowing you to choose the best sealing option for your needs. 

Key Features:


Q: What makes PET material ideal for food and beverage containers? A: PET is valued for its lightweight, shatter-resistant properties and effective barrier against carbonation and oxygen.

Q: Are these PET bottles recyclable? A: These bottles are recyclable and can be repurposed into new containers and various products.

Q: Can these bottles be used for carbonated beverages? A: PET is suitable for carbonated drinks; however, selecting the correct cap is crucial for airtight and pressure-resistant sealing.

Q: Is the opacity of these bottles beneficial? A: Absolutely; the opaque design protects contents from light, aiding in the preservation of quality and flavor in light-sensitive products.

Q: How should I label these PET bottles? A: They are ideal for adhesive labels designed for PET surfaces, offering complete customization flexibility.

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