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ABC Cork Co

Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottle 12 per Case (750 ml | 26.4 oz)

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Premium 750 ML Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottles: A Craft Brewer’s & Artisan’s Choice!

Unlock Your Crafting Potential with Our Elegant & Durable Bottles!

Crafting aficionados, home brewers, and connoisseurs, discover the ideal companion for your craft-making, brewing, and spirits endeavors! Presenting our Premium 750 ML Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottles, explicitly designed for those who value quality and elegance. These bottles perfectly match your homebrew and handcrafted spirits, ensuring your creations are stored safely while maintaining optimal flavor and aroma. The clear glass showcases the beauty of your crafts, making it an instant hit for presentations and gifting.

This bottle features a classic Bordeaux structure, universally renowned and appreciated for its straight walls and high, rounded shoulders. It is notably durable, weighing 368.54 g and towering at 284.28 mm. The clear, cork-finish design makes it a favorite amongst craft-makers and home brewers. Though inspired by the French wine bottle style, our product proudly hails from Canada, focusing on universal appeal and top-notch quality without claiming origin from any specific region.

Key Features:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can these bottles be sealed tightly? A: Yes, the bottles come with a cork finish, ensuring a tight seal preserving the quality and freshness of your creations.

Q: Is the clear glass UV-protected? A: No, the clear glass is not UV-protected. It is recommended to store the bottles in a cool, dark place to maintain the quality of the contents.

Q: Are the bottles reusable? A: Absolutely! Our premium bottles are designed for longevity, making them ideal for multiple uses.

Q: Can I use them commercially, like selling my brew? A: These bottles are versatile and apt for personal and commercial use, allowing you to showcase and sell your crafts effectively.

Q: Is the bottle size suitable for standard wine racks? A: Given the classic Bordeaux design and the dimensions of 284.28 mm in height, these bottles fit comfortably in standard wine racks.

Unit Quantity

  • 12 CASE
  • 112 PALLET
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