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ABC Cork Co

Glass Jug Clear 4 per Case (4 L | 1.05 gal)

$20.00 USD

Our 4L Clear Glass Jug Set  Where Quality Meets Capacity

Step up your homebrew, craft-making, and winemaking game with our 4L Clear Glass Jug Set. Designed to meet the rigorous needs of craft enthusiasts, our jugs are not just containers; they are an essential part of your crafting journey. Made of premium-quality glass, our jugs are the go-to solution for storing various materials—from homemade wines to potent chemicals—that demand glass storage over plastic. With FDA-compliant features and a convenient finger handle, these jugs offer ease of use alongside durable functionality.  

Key Features:


Q: What is the jug's height, label panel, and diameter? A: The jug has a height of 11.44 inches, a label panel of 4.47 inches, and a diameter of 6.57 inches.

Q: Are caps included with the jugs? A: No, the caps are not included. The jugs feature a 38mm poly seal cap size.

Q: What materials are compatible with these glass jugs? A: These glass jugs are suitable for storing various materials, including drinks, beverages, and even certain chemicals that require glass storage.

Q: Can these jugs be used for winemaking? A: These jugs are an excellent choice for winemaking and other brewing and craft-making activities.

Q: How many jugs come in a case? A: Each case contains four 4L Clear Glass Jugs.

Q: Are these jugs FDA-compliant? A: The jugs meet FDA-compliance guidelines, making them safe for food and beverage storage.

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