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ABC Crafted Series

Cabernet Franc | 13% Medium/Heavy-Bodied Red Sterile Must (23 L | 6 gal)

$60.00 USD

Craft Exquisite Bordeaux Wines with Our Cabernet Franc Red Sterile Must!

Discover the Rich Essence and Herbal Notes of a Time-Honored Bordeaux Classic!

Unveil the elegance of Bordeaux with our Cabernet Franc Red Sterile Must. Delight in the intricate nuances of this revered black-skinned grape, renowned for shaping some of the most distinguished wine blends in the world. The harmonic dance of herbal tobacco and dark spices envelops the senses, inviting connoisseurs and winemaking enthusiasts on an exquisite journey through Bordeaux's iconic landscapes.

Tasting Notes:

Key Features:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Indulge in the prestigious realm of Bordeaux with our Cabernet Franc Red Sterile Must. Experience the lavish tapestry of flavors characteristic of this legendary grape, and create your masterpiece with our inclusive Wine Making Pak. Each sip promises a symphony of herbal elegance and spicy richness, transporting you to the vine-clad hills of Bordeaux. Elevate your winemaking journey with this meticulously crafted medium/heavy-bodied treasure, and share the Bordeaux enchantment with the world! Equipment and supplies are sold separately, and the products are packed in aseptic clean rooms. 

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