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ABC Cork Co

Hand Corker Over Capping Capsulator

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Enhance Your Bottling Process with the French Over Capping Capsulator Corker

Experience Precision and Ease with the Over Capping Capsulator Corker

The Over Capping Capsulator Corker, manufactured in France, is a specialized tool designed to streamline the process of sealing bottles with over-capping caps. This innovative corker features a rubber ring that efficiently presses the cap onto the bottleneck, ensuring a secure and precise fit. Its user-friendly design makes it an essential tool for winemakers and brewers who require a reliable method for applying over-capping caps. Made with quality and precision, this French product simplifies the bottling process, allowing for a more efficient and professional finish to your bottled products.

Key Features:


Q: Is the Overcapping Capsulator Corker suitable for all bottle sizes? A: It is designed to fit standard wine bottle sizes, offering versatility in its use.

Q: How durable is this corker? A: Made with quality materials, it is built for durability and long-term use.

Q: Can it be used for corking large batches? A: While ideal for small to medium-scale bottling, it can also efficiently handle larger batches.

Q: What maintenance does the corker require? A: Regular cleaning and occasional inspection of the rubber ring will ensure optimal performance.

Unit Quantity

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  • 6 CASE
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