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Enolmatic Oil Kit: Bottling Viscosity with Ease

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The Gold Standard in Oil Bottling 

The Enolmatic Oil Kit is the epitome of precision and efficiency for bottling enthusiasts. Tailored to synergize seamlessly with the Enolmatic Filling Machine, this kit shines when bottling high-viscosity liquids like oils, syrups, semi-dense liqueurs, and more. Designed to cater to bottles with an inner neck diameter between 16 to 28 mm, including a food-grade plastic nozzle and tubes, it ensures a safe bottling experience. Assembly onto the Enolmatic Filling Machine is a cinch, and its feature allowing users to predetermine the max fill level makes the entire bottling process streamlined and precise. Maintenance is a breeze with its easy cleaning protocol. For users seeking flexibility, the Oil Kit can be bought in a standalone or pre-assembled format with the Enolmatic Filling Machine—a testament to Italian ingenuity and craftsmanship. 

Key Features:


Q: Is the Oil Kit specifically for oil bottling?
A: While the Enolmatic Oil Kit is optimized for oils, it's also perfect for syrups, semi-dense liqueurs, and other high-viscosity products.

Q: What bottle sizes is the kit compatible with?
A: The kit caters to bottles with an inner neck diameter of 16 to 28 mm.

Q: How easy is the assembly process with the Enolmatic Filling Machine?
A: The assembly is user-friendly and straightforward, ensuring a smooth integration with the Enolmatic Filling Machine.

Q: Can I adjust the fill level for my bottles?
A: Certainly! The Oil Kit allows users to set a maximum fill level, ensuring consistent and accurate bottling.

Q: Is cleaning the Oil Kit a tedious process?
A: Not at all. The Oil Kit is designed for easy cleaning and streamlining maintenance.

Q: Can I get the Oil Kit pre-assembled with the Enolmatic Filling Machine?
A: You can purchase the Oil Kit separately or receive it pre-assembled with the Enolmatic Filling Machine.

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