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ABC Crafted Series

Natural Colmated Bellcork #5 Short pack of 100 (38 mm x 19 mm | 1.5 in x 3/4 in)

SAVE % $7.00 USD

Bellcork #5 Short | Precision Sealing for Complex Wines Aged Up to 4 Years

Crafted for Quality: Seal in the Essence with Natural Elegance

The Bellcork #5 Short Colmated Stopper is the ideal closure for wines that unveil their full complexity within a four-year maturation period. Made from natural cork with its pores meticulously filled, this stopper combines the best of traditional methods with modern sealing technology. Using natural resin and rubber glue to secure the filling powder, the Bellcork Colmated Stopper ensures your wine's organoleptic qualities are preserved, enhancing the aging journey with a reliable seal. Carefully produced in Portugal, this stopper is tailored for wines that demand early consumption yet require the nuanced preservation of their inherent complexity.

Key Features:


Q: How does the Bellcork #5 Short contribute to wine preservation? A: Its colmated design minimizes oxygen transfer, crucial for maintaining the wine's flavor profile during the aging process.

Q: Is this cork suitable for all types of wine? A: Yes, it's particularly effective for wines with a complexity that matures within four years.

Q: What are the benefits of using natural resin and rubber glue in these stoppers? A: These natural adhesives ensure the colmated powder remains in place, enhancing the cork's sealing capabilities without compromising the wine's quality.

Q: Can the Bellcork #5 Short be used for longer-term wine storage? A: While it's designed for up to four years of aging, its high-quality construction also allows for longer storage under proper conditions.

Q: Why choose a cork product from Portugal? A: Portugal's reputation for cork production is unmatched, ensuring that each stopper is crafted to the highest standards.

Q: Are Bellcork stoppers an eco-friendly option? A: Yes, they are made from natural cork, a renewable resource, and are produced with sustainable practices in mind.

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