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ABC Crafted Series

Natural Colmated Bellcork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)

SAVE % $75.00 USD

Bellcork #9 Short Colmated Corks: The Essence of Winemaking Precision

Portuguese Craftsmanship for Enhanced Wine Longevity

Bellcork #9 Short Colmated Corks, meticulously crafted for winemakers, wineries, and wine enthusiasts who appreciate the art of winemaking. These premium corks are designed to protect and preserve your wine’s integrity for over four years. Made from natural cork and enhanced with a specialized powder-filling process, these stoppers ensure a seamless and flawless seal. Ideal for home winemaking and commercial wineries, Bellcork corks are essential for ensuring your wine matures gracefully and maintains its unique character.

Key Features:


Q: What materials are used in the Bellcork Colmated Stopper? A: It's made from natural cork, with pores filled with specialized powder and stabilized using eco-friendly resin and rubber glue.

Q: How long does the cork maintain its seal in the bottle? A: The cork is designed to maintain an impeccable seal for up to four years, ensuring wine longevity.

Q: Are these corks suitable for crafting as well as winemaking? A: Their premium design and aesthetic appeal make them ideal for winemaking and crafting projects.

Q: Can you confirm the exact dimensions of the cork? A: Each cork is 38 mm long and 24 mm in diameter.

Q: Are any harmful chemicals involved in the cork’s treatment? A: No, the corks are treated using natural substances, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used.

Q: How are these corks packaged? A: They are packaged in aseptic clean rooms to ensure they remain hygienic and of the highest quality. 

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