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Logo | Wine Kitz 1000 Nova Cork #8 Long 45x22 (BG1000)

SAVE % $72.00 USD

Nova Cork Stopper: The Ultimate Choice for Contemporary Winemakers

The Nova Cork #8 Long Stopper. Born from the heart of Portugal, our cork is tailor-made for those passionate about winemaking and early wine consumption. Combining the efficiency of agglomerated cork and avant-garde technology, the Nova Cork offers both value and performance. Perfect for your Brew on Premise wines, it ensures your wine retains its essence, letting you indulge in its freshness sooner.

Key Features:


Q: What wines are best suited for this cork? A: The Nova Cork #8 Long Stopper is tailor-made for wines you'd love to enjoy within a 2-year timeframe, especially those under the Brew on Premise category.

Q: How does the cork's composition impact the flavour of the wine? A: Our cork ensures the genuine taste of your wine remains untouched, thanks to its state-of-the-art agglomerated composition.

Q: Is it compatible with all wine bottles? A: The cork is meticulously designed to fit wine bottles that complement its size, ideal for wines meant for early indulgence.

Q: Why is the dimension recovery rate impressive? A: Integrating superior agglomerated cork materials and cutting-edge techniques results in 96% dimension recovery.

Q: Can I order these in bulk for my winery? A: Certainly! Our Nova Cork Stoppers are available in sets of 1000 for those who require larger quantities.

Q: Where does the production of this cork take place? A: Our cork stoppers proudly bear the mark of quality craftsmanship from Portugal.

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