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ABC Crafted Series

One + One Cork # 9 Short 38x24 (PK100)

SAVE % $13.00 USD

One + One Cork #9 Short | Advanced Sealing for Optimal Preservation

Innovative Fusion: Premium Agglomerated Body with Natural Cork End Discs

The One + One Cork #9 Short is a testament to the innovative spirit of Portuguese cork production, blending premium agglomerated cork with natural cork discs to meet the nuanced needs of modern winemaking. This technical stopper, inspired by the same technology used in champagne corks, caters to the highest standards of winemakers who prioritize both functionality and sustainability. Designed specifically for wines that flourish within a three-year maturation period, its dual-material construction is especially suited to fruity wines that are enjoyed in the shorter term, yet it provides a robust seal for those aged up to five years.

Key Features:


Q: Why is the One + One Cork #9 Short ideal for fruity wines? A: Its design preserves the freshness and aromatic profile that are key to fruity wines, which are often not intended for extended aging.

Q: Can this cork be used for wines intended for longer aging? A: While it is recommended for wines enjoyed within a five-year period, its quality construction can also accommodate longer aging under the right conditions.

Q: How does the agglomerated body contribute to the cork's performance? A: It provides a consistent and durable core that maintains a tight seal, crucial for protecting the wine's integrity.

Q: What are the sustainability benefits of this cork? A: The use of natural cork end discs promotes the use of renewable resources and maintains the ecological balance associated with cork harvesting.

Q: Is the One + One Cork reflective of the traditional cork aesthetic? A: Yes, the natural cork discs at each end give it the classic look of a traditional cork, appealing to consumers who value the ceremonial aspect of uncorking a bottle.

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