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ABC Cork Co

Tapered Cork #10 - 10 Per Pack (31x26x20 mm)

$3.00 USD

Seal It Right, Every Time

Discover versatility and quality with our #10 Tapered Corks. Whether you're into winemaking, homebrewing, or crafting, these natural, elastic corks deliver the sealing solution you’ve been searching for. Easy to customize and dependable in preserving your bottled masterpieces, our corks are the sealing solution you can trust.

Key Features:


Q: What are the exact dimensions of these corks?
A: The dimensions are 31x26x20mm, or in imperial measurements, 1.22"/1.02"/0.79" (1 7/32"/1 1/64"/25/32"), providing a snug fit for a variety of bottles.

Q: How many corks come in one pack?
A: One pack includes 10 corks, providing enough quantity for crafting or bottling projects.

Q: Are these corks good for both winemaking and homebrewing?
A: These corks are designed to meet the demands of homebrewing and winemaking, thanks to their superior sealing and natural elasticity.

Q: Can these corks be custom-sized?
A: Absolutely; the corks can be easily trimmed to offer a tailored fit for any project you have.

Q: Are there additional uses for these corks?
A: Yes, beyond bottling, these corks serve a variety of applications, including arts and crafts, lab sealing, and food packaging.

Q: Where do these corks come from?
A: These corks are inspired by the quality craftsmanship often found in Portugal, but we do not claim geographic origin for our products.

Elevate your bottling and crafting experience with our #10 Tapered Corks, engineered for reliable, versatile sealing across many applications. Trust in their performance, flexibility, and quality for all your project needs.


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