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ABC Cork Co

Tapered Cork #12 - 10 per Pack (32x29x23 mm)

SAVE % $3.00 USD

The Perfect Seal for Every Project

Step up your homebrew, winemaking, or craft-making game with our Elite Tapered Corks #12. These corks aren't just stoppers; they're the last word in sealing excellence. Their high elasticity and versatile design mean you can rely on them to keep your creations in top-notch condition.

Key Features:


Q: What are the exact dimensions of the #12 Tapered Corks?

A: The Elite Tapered Corks #12 measure 32x29x23, offering a versatile size for various sealing needs.

Q: How many corks come in one package? 

A: Each package contains ten corks, ideal for small to medium-sized projects.

Q: Can I tailor these corks to fit different bottle openings?

A: Absolutely, these corks can be easily trimmed to suit different container sizes.

Q: Are these corks suitable for long-term storage?

A: The high elasticity ensures a reliable, long-lasting seal suitable for extended storage.

Q: What other uses are these corks suitable for?

A: They're incredibly versatile, suitable for laboratory settings, arts and crafts, and even minor repairs around the house.

Q: Where do these corks come from?

A: These corks are crafted with expertise that draws inspiration from best sealing practices globally; they do not claim to be native to any particular region.

Trust Elite Tapered Corks #12 for a sealing solution that stands out in quality, reliability, and versatility. Make your purchase today and seal your projects with confidence.

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