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ABC Cork Co

Corrugated Box (18 x 8 x 11 in | 46 x 21 x 28 cm)

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Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 11 in | 46 x 21 x 28 cm

Secure & Eco-Friendly Corrugated Box

Our eco-friendly corrugated boxes are your best ally in ensuring your brews and brewing accessories arrive in top-notch condition. These boxes are designed to be both lightweight and robust, supporting your environmental values while keeping shipping costs down. This is the perfect packaging solution to send your crafted items with confidence.

Key Features:


Q: What kind of items are best suited for these boxes? A: Ideal for a diverse range of products including craft brew accessories, toys, clothing, and towels, these boxes ensure safe transit for durable items.

Q: How do these boxes contribute to sustainable practices? A: Our boxes are made from recyclable corrugated materials, making them a green choice for environmentally conscious brewers and customers.

Q: Are these boxes suitable for shipping fragile items? A: For added protection of fragile items, we recommend supplementing with appropriate packing materials, although the boxes themselves are designed to withstand normal handling stress.

Q: Can these boxes be reused or repurposed? A: Absolutely, the sturdy nature of these boxes allows for multiple uses, aligning with sustainable usage practices.

Q: What makes these boxes a budget-friendly option? A: Their lightweight construction means lower shipping costs without sacrificing quality, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses and hobbyists.

Q: How do these 32 ECT boxes compare to other options on the market? A: They provide a balance between strength and weight, making them a smarter choice for shipments that don't require the bulk of a 200 lb. test box, yet still need reliable protection.

Please note that the actual image may vary from the preview. Refer to the specified dimensions in the description for accurate sizing.

Unit Quantity

  • 1 EACH
  • 25 CASE
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