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ABC Crafted Series

Premium Beer Yeast for Brewing Ales and Lagers (5 g | 0.17 oz)

$1.00 USD

Master the Art of Brewing: Craft Series Beer Yeast for Ales & Pseudo-Lagers

Unleash Brewing Excellence with Premium Beer Yeast 

Enhance your home brewing experience with our Craft Series Beer Yeast, presented in a convenient 5 g (0.125 oz) sachet. This premium yeast is the key to creating outstanding ales and pseudo-lagers, offering a robust and reliable fermentation process that caters to beginners and seasoned brewers.

Key Features:



Q: What is the ideal fermentation temperature for this yeast? A: For optimal results, maintain a fermentation temperature between 20-32°C (68-90°F).

Q: Can this yeast be used for high-gravity beers? A: It is suitable for beers with an alcohol content of up to 9% ABV.

Q: Is this yeast appropriate for both ales and pseudo-lagers? A: It's versatile and can be used effectively for both styles.

Q: Is the yeast GMO-free? A: We prioritize natural quality, and our yeast is GMO-free.

Embark on a brewing adventure with our Craft Series Beer Yeast and discover the joy of creating ales and pseudo-lagers with rich flavor and impeccable quality. Whether a novice or a pro, this yeast is your ally in brewing excellence.

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