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ABC Crafted Series

Cinnamon Brown Glass Bordeaux Bottle 10 per Case (750 ml | 25.36 oz)

$9.00 USD

Introducing the Sustainable Choice for Wine Enthusiasts: 10 Cinnamon Brown Glass Bordeaux Bottles for the Perfect Winemaking Experience!

Embrace the art of winemaking with our 10 Cinnamon Brown Glass Bordeaux Bottles. Designed with both aesthetics and the environment in mind, these 750 ml (25.36 oz) bottles are stylish and reduce waste and carbon footprint. Crafted to impress, these Bordeaux-style bottles will enhance the elegance of your favorite wine, and the cork finish ensures freshness. Experience a convenient, sustainable, and elegant winemaking solution with our exclusive 10-bottle case. 

Features and Benefits: 


    Our 10 Cinnamon Brown Glass Bordeaux Bottles represent the perfect union of sustainability, elegance, and practicality. Designed with the craft winemaker in mind, these bottles are a perfect addition to any collection. Experience our eco-friendly wine bottles' convenience and aesthetic appeal and elevate your winemaking experience. Order your 10-bottle case today!

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