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ABC Crafted Series

Crafted Series Crushed Grape Skin Pack (1 L | 35.1 oz)

SAVE 8% $12.00 USD $13.00

Elevate Your Wine Craft: Crushed Grape Skin Pack for Depth and Complexity

Craftsmanship in Every Sip: Enhance Your Winemaking with Artisanal Crushed Grape Skins 

Our Crafted Series Crushed Grape Skin Pack, containing 1 L (35.1 oz) of premium grape pomace, is essential for artisanal winemakers. This pack is filled with the richness of grape skins, selected for their exceptional quality and depth of flavor. It is Ideal for novice and seasoned winemakers, providing a substantial body, tannins, and complex flavor profiles to your homemade wines. This pack is a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, offering an authentic winery experience in your own home.

Key Features:


Q: How do grape skins influence the wine's aging potential? A: Grape skins add tannins that enhance the wine’s aging stability, adding depth over time.

Q: Is additional preservation necessary after adding the grape skins? A: While the pack contains preservatives, additional sulfites may be needed based on the wine’s specific needs.

Q: Can the Crushed Grape Skin Pack be used for different types of wines? A: Yes, it's versatile enough for red, white, and blush wines, adding a unique character to each.

Q: How should the grape skins be added to the wine? A: Utilize the included muslin bag for a clean, efficient infusion of grape skins into your wine.

Unlock the full potential of your homemade wine with our Crafted Series Crushed Grape Skin Pack. This addition enriches the flavor and brings a touch of the artisanal winery experience to your crafting process.

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