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The Vintage Shop

Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (26.5 L | 7 gal)

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Superior Brewing with the Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (26.5 L | 7 gal) - A Canadian Innovation 

Maximize Your Brewing Potential with Our Durable and Versatile Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth

Our Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (26.5 L | 7 gal), proudly made in Canada, is a versatile and indispensable tool for fermenting various beverages, including beer, wine, cider, mead, and kombucha. The FerMonster Wide Mouth Carboy, with its substantial capacity of 26.5 liters (7 gallons), is crafted from food-grade PET plastic, forming an effective barrier against oxygen to ensure the freshness and purity of your brews. The carboy's 4-inch wide mouth design facilitates easy cleaning and a hygienic brewing process. Its volume markers and punted bottom design streamline the fermentation process, while the sealed lid with an O-Ring and compatibility with a #10 stopper assure airtight fermentation.

Key Features:


Q: Is the carboy suitable for primary fermentation as well? A: Yes, it's versatile for both primary and secondary fermentations.

Q: How do I safely move a full carboy? A: When full, support the bottom and neck for safe handling.

Q: Can the carboy handle chemical sanitizers? A: Yes, but ensure they are compatible with PET plastic and rinse thoroughly.

Q: Is transferring liquids into and out of this carboy easy? A: Yes, the wide-mouth design eases the transfer of liquids.

The Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (26.5 L | 7 gal) is more than a fermentation vessel; it's a key component in your brewing and winemaking process, offering safety, efficiency, and quality. Embrace the superior brewing experience provided by this Canadian-made product.

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