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ABC Cork Co

Semi Automatic Corker

$2,047.00 USD

Effortless Corking with the Semi-Automatic Corker

Transform your bottling process with the Semi-Automatic Corker, a sleek and efficient tool from Canada. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this corker simplifies the corking of your bottles using modern technology and design.

Key Features:

FAQs: Q: Is a compressor included with the Semi-Automatic Corker? A: No, a 5-gallon compressor set at 80 to 100 psi is required and must be purchased separately.

Q: Can the corker handle different bottle sizes? A: It is designed for standard bottle sizes and small corks, ensuring a perfect fit for each corking cycle.

Q: How is the corker operated? A: The corker uses compressed air to push corks into bottles, with a plastic door to activate the corking process.

Q: Is it suitable for large-scale production? A: While ideal for small to medium-scale operations, its efficiency makes it a valuable asset for various production sizes.

Q: How do I attach it to a surface? A: The corker should securely attach to a solid surface like a countertop for stability and optimal operation.

Q: Is any special maintenance required? A: Regular cleaning and inspecting the air pressure settings are recommended for best performance.

Discover the convenience and precision of the Semi-Automatic Corker, a valuable tool for winemakers and brewers. Its innovative design and the quality assurance of Canadian manufacturing make it an essential addition to your bottling process.

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