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Enolmatic Part Complete Nozzle & Arm

$57.00 USD

The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Bottling Operations

The "Enolmatic Part Complete Nozzle & Arm" embodies precision and efficiency in bottle filling. Whether handling wine, oil, beer, or fruit juices, this tool is ready to cater to your professional bottling needs. Crafted from top-tier plastic materials, it promises both longevity and unparalleled reliability.

At the heart of its design, the Enolmatic leverages a vacuum pump system that seamlessly draws liquid from the container, ensuring accurate bottle fills every time. The intelligent spout design guarantees an automatic halt in filling once the pre-set liquid level is achieved.

This all-in-one assembly kit has a nozzle, arm, and an integrated spring, perfectly tailored for the Enolmatic wine bottle filler. As a genuine TENCO-manufactured replacement part from Italy, quality is a given. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current setup or replace a worn-out nozzle, this complete assembly ensures that your Enolmatic filler performs at its best, bottling after bottling.

Key Features:


Q: Is this part suitable for all Enolmatic wine bottle fillers?
A: This is a universal part designed to fit seamlessly with Enolmatic wine bottle fillers.

Q: What materials are used to construct the nozzle and arm?
A: The Enolmatic Part Complete Nozzle & Arm is crafted from high-quality plastic materials, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Q: How does the spout control the liquid level during filling?
A: The spout has an intelligent design that detects the liquid level, halting the filling process automatically once the desired level is achieved.

Q: Is this an original TENCO-manufactured part?
A: Absolutely. This part is a genuine replacement item manufactured by TENCO in Italy.

Q: How often should I consider replacing the nozzle and arm?
A: While the part is designed for durability, with extensive use, especially in commercial settings, periodic replacement ensures optimal performance.

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