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ABC Cork Co

Plastic Funnel (30 cm | 110.81 in)

$3.00 USD

Plastic Funnel - Essential for Precise and Clean Transferring | 30 cm Diameter

Elevate your transferring efficiency with the Plastic Funnel, expertly crafted for kitchen and laboratory applications. Made in Canada, this funnel is constructed from robust white plastic, offering longevity and reliability. Its substantial diameter of 30 cm (11.81 inches) makes it ideal for various tasks, ensuring a mess-free transfer of liquids and powders into different containers. 

Key Features:


Q: Is this funnel suitable for heavy-duty use? A: Its robust construction makes it ideal for frequent and heavy-duty applications.

Q: Can the funnel be used for transferring hot substances? A: It's best used with room temperature or slightly warm substances to maintain structural integrity.

Q: Is the material of the funnel safe for food-related use? A: The funnel is made from food-safe plastic, suitable for culinary tasks.

Q: How easy is it to clean the funnel? A: The funnel can be easily rinsed with water or cleaned with soapy water for more thorough cleaning.

Q: Can the funnel fit different sizes of bottle openings? A: Its versatile design accommodates large and small openings for various container sizes.

Invest in the Plastic Funnel for a seamless, clean, and efficient transferring experience in your kitchen or lab. Its large diameter and spill-free design ensure a tidy and precise process, whether you're dealing with liquids or powders.

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