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ABC Cork Co

Victoria Grain Mill – Adjustable and Efficient Tool for Grinding Specialty Malts – Perfect for Home Brewers

$38.00 USD

Elevate Your Home Brewing: Victoria Grain Mill – For Grinding Specialty Malts

Craft Your Perfect Brew with Precision and Ease

The Victoria Grain Mill is a key ally for home brewers, especially those who love experimenting with specialty malts. Designed to cater to novice and experienced brewers, this mill ensures a consistently perfect grind, enhancing the quality of your homemade beers. Crafted with expertise, this product offers adjustable settings and a user-friendly experience, making it an essential tool in brewing.

Key Features and Benefits:


Q: Can the Victoria Grain Mill be operated manually? A: It is designed for manual operation but can also be attached to a motor or drill for automated grinding.

Q: What is the capacity of the hopper? A: The hopper can comfortably hold up to one pound of malt.

Q: Is this grain mill suitable for extract brewers? A: Absolutely! It's an excellent tool for starters and extract brewers, offering consistent malt grinding.

Experience the difference in your home brewing with the Victoria Grain Mill. Crafted for efficiency and versatility, this grain mill is a must-have for brewing enthusiasts. Get yours today and elevate your beer-making journey!

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