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ABC Cork Co

Primary Fermenter (24 L | 6.0 gal)

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Robust and Accurate for Homebrewing Enthusiasts, Optimized for Precision Brewing and Sustainability

Enhance your wine or beer-making process with the sturdy and precise Primary Fermenter. Boasting a 6-gallon (24 L) capacity, this fermenter is perfect for novice and experienced brewers. Made from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and safe contact with food, aligning with FDA standards.

Key Features:



Q: Can the Primary Fermenter accommodate both wine and beer making? A: It is versatile enough for both wine and beer fermentation.

Q: Is the fermenter material safe for food contact? A: Absolutely! The fermenter is made from FDA-approved materials, ensuring safety.

Q: How do I measure the content in the fermenter? A: Utilize the integrated measuring scale for accurate readings.

Q: What is the durability of the fermenter? A: With a 90-mil wall thickness, it's built to last and handle the rigors of brewing.

Q: Is the fermenter environmentally friendly? A: It is made from 100% recyclable materials, aligning with sustainability practices.

Dive into your brewing journey with the Primary Fermenter, a robust and reliable solution that caters to the demands of wine and beer making. This Canadian-made product is a testament to quality, precision, and environmental consciousness.

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