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ABC Cork Co

Shut Off Clamp for Siphon Tube (0.31 in | 7.9 mm)

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Control Your Siphoning Process with Precision - Shut Off Clamp for Siphon Tube

Optimize Your Winemaking Workflow

Enhance your winemaking experience with the Shut Off Clamp for Siphon Tube. This essential accessory, proudly made in Taiwan, is tailored for 5/16-inch siphoning tubes. It simplifies the process of controlling the flow rate during siphoning and bottling, allowing you to work with precision and ease.

Key Features:


Q: How does the Shut Off Clamp work? A: It's simple! Clamp it tight to stop the liquid flow, or open it up to allow for continued flow, giving you full control.

Q: Is this clamp compatible with 5/16-inch siphoning tubes? A: Yes, it's specifically designed to work seamlessly with 5/16-inch siphoning tubes.

Q: How many clamps are included in one package? A: Each package contains one Shut-Off Clamp, ensuring you have the essential tool you need.

Q: Is it durable and built to last? A: Absolutely! This clamp is constructed to withstand the rigors of winemaking, ensuring its longevity.

Q: Is it easy to use for both beginners and experienced winemakers? A: Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for winemakers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Upgrade your winemaking process today with the Shut Off Clamp for Siphon Tube and experience precise control over your siphoning and bottling tasks. It's the key to optimizing your workflow.

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