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ABC Cork Co

Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel (6 cm | 2.36 in)

$2.00 USD

Pour Precision, Crafted in Europe. Unlock the Flow. Control the Craft


Tailored for the discerning winemaker, crafting enthusiast, and everyone passionate about winemaking, our Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel melds European artistry with practicality. From pressing fruits to ensuring the precision of every drop in wineries, it promises a seamless flow paired with the traditional charm of wood. 

Key Features:


Q: How does this spigot enhance the winemaking process? A: Designed for precision, it ensures a controlled flow, adding finesse to winemaking and crafting endeavors.

Q: Is this spigot compatible with all barrel types? A: Its compact design makes it versatile and suitable for various barrels used in wineries and crafting.

Q: How often should the cork valve be checked? A: Regular inspections after every few uses will ensure optimal functionality and prevent any potential leaks.

Q: What measures can prevent the spigot from leakage? A: Proper maintenance and ensuring the cork valve doesn't dry out or wear down are key to a leak-proof experience.

Q: Can this be used for liquids other than wine? A: Absolutely! Its design caters to various liquids and is tailored primarily for winemakers.

Q: Where is this product made? A: It's a proud representation of European craftsmanship and quality.

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